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Padre De Pamilya Dvd

Padre De Pamilya Dvd

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Padre De Pamilya is a story about a father Joselito Mirasol (ARIEL RIVERA) whose only wish is for his children to grow up as good Catholic Christians. Unfortunately, his salary as a government officer is not enough to make ends meet. And because he is working under a corrupt mayor (TESSIE TOMAS), the temptation to become a corrupt government official are always there. One day, due to the financial needs of his family and his brother who suffers from health problem, the father succumbs to temptation and commits a corrupt act. What Joselito does not know is he has been setup by a reporter who is investigating corrupt practices inside his office department. He is later sacked and jobless, not knowing the reporter is actually investigating the corrupt practices of the mayor.

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