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Mang Dan Dried Taro Leaves 4oz

Mang Dan Dried Taro Leaves 4oz

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In the Philippines, taro is called gabi. A popular rendition of the taro is Laing (pronounced /lah - ing/) which originates from the Bicol region in Southern Luzon. The dishs main ingredients are taro stem and leaf cooked in coconut milk, salted with fermented shrimp or fish bagoong. It is also heavily spiced with red hot chilis called siling labuyo.

Another dish where taro finds common use in the Filipino kitchen is the Philippine national stew, called sinigang. This sour stew may be made with pork and beef, shrimp, or fish. Peeled and diced taro is a basic ingredient of pork sinigang.

Finally, the third most common use of taro in the Filipino diet is in ginataan, literally meaning "cooked with coconut milk." This form of dessert, where coconut milk and taro are combined along with indigenous ingredients such as sago and jackfruit, is shared throughout most Southeast Asian cuisines.

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