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Ksk Boy Bawang Cornic Adobo 1.23oz

Ksk Boy Bawang Cornic Adobo 1.23oz

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Boy Bawang (literally "Garlic Boy" in Filipino) is a popular Filipino brand of corn nuts owned by KSK Food Products, based in Barangay Bignay of Caloocan. According to the packaging, it is made of corn, vegetable oil, Ilocos garlic and a wide array of flavorings. It is usually served in small packets. However, export versions are also served in large-sized bags. It comes in the original garlic flavor, in addition to chili cheese, adobo, barbecue, hot garlic and lechon manok (grilled chicken). Boy Bawang corn nuts are light and crispy compared to American corn nuts.

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