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Who Needs a Swiffer When You Have a Walis Ting Ting?

Who Needs a Swiffer When You Have a Walis Ting Ting?
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Americans are always looking for quick ways to clean their homes so they can go about their daily lives. Speed does not always equate to quality care though, which is why it may be best to go back to the basics when it comes to taking care of your house. Rather than breaking out your Swiffer to clean up your kitchen, you might think about relying on a classic Filipino broom known as a walis ting ting. It may seem rustic and downright "low tech," but it could become your favorite tool in the house if you give it a try.

Walis Tinging Construction                                 

The walis ting ting is made from coconut leaves, which are all bound together with rope or some other material to create a handle at the top of the broom. There is no wooden handle like you may expect from a traditional broom. The leaves are long enough to act as both the base and the top of the broom all in one.

To get the bristles for the broom's construction, a Filipino woman will peel the ribs away from coconut leaves with a knife or sometimes her fingernails. It takes tens or even hundreds of ribs to make a good walis ting ting, so a woman may spend hours just to create a single broom. When she has a good pile of ribs to work with, she simply pulls them all together and secures them at the top, leaving as much at the bottom to sweep with as she can. The broom is then used right after construction or it is left to dry for resale, depending on what the woman wants to do with it.

Walis Ting Ting Uses

While you could use a walis ting ting for hardwood floors, most people find the bristles to be a little too harsh for that purpose. It would be better to use this Filipino broom to sweep up your porch or tile floors in the kitchen. There are other Filipino brooms that you can use for delicate surfaces, like the walis tambo. It has softer bristles and is usually perfect for smooth surfaces.

A walis ting ting could make a great addition to your home, even if you only use it as a display piece. It is a little element of Asian culture that you can look at every single day.

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