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The San Matthias Church, Tumauini

The San Matthias Church, Tumauini
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The San Matthias Church is located in the Isabela province in the Cagayan Valley.  Construction of the Church began in 1753 and was finally completed in 1805.  It is uniquely baroque with clay brick detailing the interior and exterior of the building.  Spirals, flowering, shaped trims create the beauty and value of this building.  Its architecture suggests Spanish and Chinese origins, with a long white bell tower alongside the main building.  It is the only building in the Philippines to have a bell tower like this.

There was major damage done to the church during World War Two, though most of its original design has been restored.  On February 24, 1989 the building was declared a National Historic Landmark.  Something that's really cool about this building is a number was carved into each brick, suggesting the order of building.  So when it was being brought from Spain, or during reconstruction, there was a clear direction for the building.  Its precise planning and ornate decor makes it one of the most beautiful buildings in the Philippines.  If you're in the Philippines now or plan on visiting soon, set some time aside to visit this place.  Its pretty magical.


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