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Is this the Philippines or Spain?

Is this the Philippines or Spain?
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A short walk around the Philippines and you'll start to notice many buildings and customs that seem Spanish.  When you start to eat Philippino food you'll notice names like Adobo, Arroz and Pochero in the title and you'll think, “Hey!  That’s not Tagalog!”

The Spanish spent three centuries of colonization in the Philippines (from 1565 to 1898) and brought along many of its traditions.  Traditions like empanada, fiestas, even its language!  While Tagalog and English are the national languages of the Philippines, there are still a few people who speak Spanish in the Philippines.  Bits of the Spanish language even assimilated itself into the native languages of the Philippines.  Even the name ‘Philippines’ came from Philip II, king of Spain.  Several providences took Spanish names like Medellin, Santander, Naga City and San Fernando.  Here is a great way to taste the Spanish influence in the Filipino cuisine, just try out our Pork Caldereta to taste the influence.

Or try any of these recipes; Empanada, Escabeche, Afritada (Pork or Chicken), Caldereta (Pork), Embutido, Chicken Pochero, Adobo (Chicken or Kangkong), Callos, Beef Caldereta, Arroz Caldo, Ampalaya Con Carne or the delicious Almond Leche Flan.  You can find all these recipes here.

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