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Are Salted Eggs All They're Quacked Up to Be?

Are Salted Eggs All They're Quacked Up to Be?
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Salted duck eggs are found in a lot of Filipino recipes, but most Americans frown upon them because they are not popular in this country. The idea of eating salty, cured eggs may seem a little odd to you, but these ingredients actually make great condiments for a variety of dishes you can make. Many Asian cultures use salted eggs in their cooking, and you could easily order some to use within yours. With a shelf life of up to 40 days, these eggs could be in your kitchen as long as you need them to be.

Salted eggs can be made from duck eggs or chicken eggs, although duck eggs tend to be the most popular options on the market. That is because duck eggs are more durable and they are less likely to get damaged during curing. The soaking and curing process for the eggs will vary from one manufacturer to the next, but as a whole, these eggs are made by soaking traditional eggs in brine and then boiling them. The eggs are then packaged up and sent out to Filipino food stores across the country.

In terms of appearance, salted eggs look like hard boiled eggs from the outside. When you open one up though, you will see that it has an orange-red yolk, rather than a typical yellow yoke. This is a reflection of the salting process, and it is ultimately what gives salted eggs their flavors. You can use these flavors to create unique and authentic Filipino food that your family will love for a lifetime.

You may not like the taste of salted eggs on their own, but you could find them to be the perfect additions to some of the Filipino recipes you use for your meals. The salty taste and the smooth texture of the eggs is a perfect complement to an array of Filipino dishes. All you have to do is find the right recipe to fit your culinary needs. Look around at some of the ingredients and recipes available to you to see if this feathered food item is right for you.

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