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Ampalaya, the magic fruit

Ampalaya, the magic fruit
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Ampalaya, or Bitter Melon, is one of the bitterest melons you can eat!  It’s got a hard shell, sort of looks like a cucumber and yellows as it ripens.  As ampalaya ripens, its hard green skin turns yellow (and mushy) then curls back to dramatically reveal the seeds within.  However, if you see yellow ampalaya do not eat it!  Ampalaya is best eaten while it’s still green with a sauce and stir-fry dish.  Check out the recipe here to stir-fry this fruit.

Not only does it cook well but ampalaya is one of the strongest natural treatments for disorders and disease.  It is used to treat ailments from diabetes to HIV to leprosy.  The fruit’s main ingredients, momordica and charantia not only give ampalaya its bitter taste but also allow the beta cells in your body produce more insulin naturally, making it an ideal fruit for diabetics.

Backed by the Department of Heath in the Philippines, benefits include treatment of the liver, HIV, skin diseases, female sterility and as an antipyretic and a purgative.  Ampalaya leaves have been used to treat leprosy to eczema and help soothe a child’s cough.

Check out the Ampalaya con Carne recipe here for a tasty dish featuring this important fruit.

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