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Anahaw Cornstarch Noodles (Luglug) 16oz

Anahaw Cornstarch Noodles (Luglug) 16oz

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Pancit Palabok and Pancit Luglug are essentially the same dish, the difference being primarily in the noodles used in the recipe. Luglug uses a thicker noodle than the traditional bihon of palabok. Both types use a round rice noodle (often specifically labelled for pancit luglug or palabok) smothered with a thick, golden shrimp sauce or other flavored sauce, and topped with:

* Shrimp, (the size and shell-on or shell-off depending on preference)
* Crushed or ground pork rind (chicharron) for toppings
* Hard-boiled egg (sliced into disc or quartered lengthwise or chopped)
* tinapa flakes (smoked fish)
* freshly minced green onion

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