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Aling Conching Tapioca Pearl Big 8oz

Aling Conching Tapioca Pearl Big 8oz

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Pearls are made in several sizes, ranging from about 1mm to 5mm. In the United States, 2-3mm pearls are the most common size and are labeled "small". In good quality pearl tapioca, the pearls are very uniform in size, smooth, and few are broken. The pearls must be further prepared before use. For use in tapioca pudding, pearls are prepared simply by soaking them overnight in water. For use in tapioca drinks, they are prepared by boiling for 25 minutes, until they are cooked thoroughly and are chewy, not gummy, then allowed to cool. If not used immediately, they may be kept for hours in a syrup of sugar or honey. Tapioca pearls are the essential ingredients in bubble tea, also known as pearl tea and boba tea. These are "size large", perfect for making bubble tea. After cooking they become marble-sized balls. A healthy, natural delicious food.

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