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We are a Filipino-American grocery built on heritage - from the ground up!

The history of Phil-Am began in 1971 when three sisters and their husbands began a side business distributing Filipino foods from their garage. Eventually, each would begin working full time-time for Phil-Am Food Mart, and, in 1973, they established a small store at 685 Newark Avenue.

The business would continue to grow and expand into a trio of entities: Phil Am Food., our retail store; a wholesale distribution warehouse and a popular Filipino restaurant and bakery.

In 2002 Phil Am Food separated from the company to branch out on it's own. The retail store is owned by Oliver Santos and Florentina Santos and is managed by there eldest child, Erwin Santos.

The store today is now ten times larger than it was in 1973, with its own ‘turo-turo’ featuring a range of hot Filipino viand (Ulam) and cooked snacks (Merienda) available for takeout. The store carries the largest selection of Filipino products available in the US. We are proud to be the largest Filipino owned store on the East Coast. Today, our commitment to quality and service is as strong as ever, as we continue to thrive as a US leader in Filipino foods.