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3l Slim Tea 1.76oz

3l Slim Tea 1.76oz

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Slim Teas essential oils can help increase the metabolism of the body by improving digestion and allowing the body to relax after meals and before bedtime, and in times of stress. Slim Tea also aids digestion by assisting peristaltic action of the intestinal tract when enjoyed after a heavy protein meal. Slim Tea, with the enclosed balanced diet plan, is the natural alternative to uncomfortable low calorie, low carbohydrate and other confusing and difficult to maintain diet programs. Drink delicious slimming, calming Slim Tea after meals, before bedtime or anytime, hot or iced and see the results! Enjoy, relax, and lose weight.Slim Tea is made only from rare hand-picked Chinese tea leaves. Slim Tea is the original weight loss tea and has a unique, delicious flavor and rich golden color. Slim Tea, when enjoyed after meals, counteracts the effect of fats by emulsifying them in the digestive tract and hastens digestion. Slim Tea offers a light, satisfying taste in hot or iced tea and provides slimming and calming benefits that may be enjoyed every day and evening and in times of stress. Slim Tea contains no sugar, laxatives, chemicals or artificial ingredients and is 99.9% caffeine free.

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